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Fulton's hydronic boilers have been installed in thousands of education-related applications.

Thousands of colleges and universities across North America rely on Fulton's 60-year tradition of knowhow in designing reliable, high-mass boilers. These boilers deliver leading-edge efficiencies and utility savings, creating better spaces to teach and learn.

Engineered in the USA, Fulton products are built with thicker materials and greater water volumes for exceptional tolerance of varying and sometimes unpredictable system conditions. Fulton's firetube condensing boilers are designed to provide many years of trouble-free service.

They provide demonstrated payback in efficiency gains, decreased system electrical consumption, and low maintenance requirements as part of a systems approach that covers:

  • Centralized or decentralized heating plants and hybrid heating systems
  • Medical facilities or research buildings and laboratories requiring special steam or humidification needs
  • Special teaching facilities, residences, classrooms, sports venues, stadiums, library and IT service buildings, including clean rooms
  • Facilities where emission standards, space-saving designs and energy-smart building choices are a critical need

Products for this Market:

Product Name
Min Size
Max Size
Endura+ EDR+ Condensing Hydronic Boiler
2.5MM Btu/ Input
6MM Btu/ Input

Endura+(Model: EDR+)

Condensing Hydronic Boiler

Endura EDR Condensing Hydronic Boiler
750k Btu/ Input
2MM Btu/ Input

Endura(Model: EDR)

Condensing Hydronic Boiler

Vantage VTG Condensing Hydronic Boiler
2MM Btu/ Input
6MM Btu/ Input

Vantage(Model: VTG)

Condensing Hydronic Boiler

Backed by over 60 years of research, innovation, and experience, Fulton is building on a tradition of success and is committed to improving life through heat transfer solutions.

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