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You depend on your heat transfer equipment to get the job done, every day. So when you need start-up, repair, or aftermarket parts, it’s essential to call on professionals who not only understand the capabilities of your equipment, but the complex nature of your business.

Boiler Service

Fulton Service Solutions

Fulton Service Solutions provides 24/7 comprehensive and professional service for heat transfer equipment and systems, including:

  • Start-up & Commissioning
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Pump Service & Repair
  • Retrofits & Upgrade
  • Aftermarket Support
Heater Refurbishing

Heater Refurbishing

Buying used can help customers get their process up and running in a fraction of the time and for significantly less up-front investment.

Heating equipment can be a significant investment for any business. Customers can maximize that investment with an efficient and cost-effective overhaul and avoid the expense and hassle of replacing old equipment.

Fulton Parts

Replacement Parts

Fulton offers preventative maintenance kits for every Fulton product. We have the capabilities to quickly turn around factory rebuilds, and we specialize in burner retrofits and controls upgrades to increase your system’s efficiencies.

All components of boilers, heaters or other equipment supplied by Fulton are conditionally guaranteed against failure for (18) months from date of shipment from the factory or (12) months from start-up (whichever comes first).

NOTE: Fulton will repair or replace failed components at its discretion. Fulton should be notified in writing as soon as the defect becomes apparent and a Fulton authorized dealer must contact the Fulton Parts Department to get a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) and instructions prior to returning anything to the factory. This parts replacement warranty does not cover freight or labor charges of any kind.


Fulton customers who want to pursue a warranty claim should contact their Fulton authorized dealer with the following information:

  • The model number of the affected equipment
  • The National Board number of the affected equipment
  • A description of the problem and/or failed part(s)

To activate equipment warranties, the appropriate commissioning sheets must be completed by the Fulton authorized dealer and returned to the Fulton Quality Assurance department for review and approval. If the authorized Fulton dealer determines that Fulton supplied equipment does not meet their order specifications, they must contact Fulton’s Quality Manager, in writing, with the information noted above. The Fulton Quality Manager will investigate the matter and determine if the problem is a warranty issue.

NOTE: No Sales Manager or any other representative of Fulton other than the Quality Manager or an Officer of the company has warranty authority.

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