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Fulton Featured in Engineered Systems Magazine

Modular Boiler Plants: How To Make Them Deliver

Fulton is featured in an article published in the December issue of Engineered Systems. The article, penned by P.E. Gary Hamilton, Healthcare Engineering Lead for SmithGroupJJR in Washington, DC, weighs the benefits and risks of designing around modular boiler plants for healthcare applications.

Among the rewards of using a Modular Plant, Hamilton writes, are decreased footprint, scalability, decreased installation cost, ease-of-installation, lead time reduction, and decreased cost of operation.

In the article, Hamilton identifies the groups he believes are the best options for the manufacture of modular plants, and lists Fulton among those groups.

"Another excellent company for steam and hot water modular plant design and manufacture is Fulton. They are more geared to the steam and hot water plants, and therefore have the ability to be extremely cost-competitive among fabricators."

Hamilton and other members of SmithGroupJJR visited Fulton's headquarters in Pulaski, NY, last fall, shortly before the publication of this article. During their factory visit, SmithGroup learned of our modular capabilities and witnessed the production of many engineered systems on our manufacturing floor.

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