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Fulton Wows at 2018 AHR Expo

Companies Display New Products, Virtual Reality

Chicago, Ill. - January 25, 2018 - Fulton ended another impressive show at the 2018 AHR Expo with overwhelming excitement surrounding the expansion of product offerings, and provided glimpses of more big reveals to come later in 2018.

At Chicago's McCormick Place convention center, Fulton Heating Solutions and Fulton Steam Solutions both unveiled widening product size ranges for their flagship boiler lines - the EDR+ condensing hydronic boiler and the VSRT vertical spiral rib tubeless steam boiler.

Fulton Heating Solutions' EDR+ boiler is now available in a 6.0MM BTU/hr size range, expanding the product line offering beyond the initial 2.5MM and 3.0MM BTU/hr sizes released in 2016. Like its smaller predecessors, the 6.0MM version of the boiler is compatible with variable primary flow systems, and features 15:1 turndown capabilities with O2 Compensation, a patent-pending stress relieving design, and a compact footprint allowing it to fit through a standard doorway and streamlining installation and maintenance. Unique to the 6.0MM EDR+ is its horizontal firetube design, highlighted by a pitched horizontal, single pass floating heat exchanger.

The VSRT boiler, manufactured by Fulton Steam Solutions, was also unveiled in a new model size at the expo. The new 60 BHP design brings the VSRT's unique features and benefits to customers whose system load demands are greater than those satisfied by the VSRT's initial 30 BHP size. The VSRT offers a compact footprint, a fully-wetted, refractory-free pressure vessel, and peak operating efficiency at 86 percent. The 60 BHP is capable of turndown up to 10:1, has standard NOx below 20ppm, and 99.75 percent steam quality as standard.

Both boilers unveiled at the show complement Fulton's existing product families. A virtual reality simulation also gave attendees a firsthand experience of how these products fit into the modern boiler marketplace with the ability to compare features and benefits across model types and sizes.

Said Joel Southwell, Fulton VP Sales and Marketing, "The 2018 AHR Expo was, by all accounts, the most exciting show Fulton has been a part, and the buzz generated by Fulton here should support our manufacturing and sales divisions for much of the foreseeable future."

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