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Georgia Dry Cleaner Installs Fulton’s New VSRT-30 to Rave Reviews

As a 22-year veteran of the dry-cleaning industry that has successfully opened several dry-cleaning facilities, Piyush Bhula knows a thing or two about operating a business that delivers an amazing dry-cleaning experience.

That’s why, when he needed to replace his boiler at his Majik Touch Cleaners in Sawanee, Georgia, he contacted Gulf States Laundry Machinery, an award- winning leader in the distribution of dry-cleaning and commercial laundry equipment in the Atlanta area.

At Gulf States, Piyush spoke to Ben Prema, Head of Dry-Cleaning Equipment Sales, who recommended Fulton as the company to buy from. (Fulton has been a premier provider of high-pressure steam boilers for the dry-cleaning and industrial- laundry markets for over sixty years.)

Moreover, Ben recommended Fulton’s revolutionary new Vertical Spiral Rib Tubeless (VSRT) Steam Boiler, a 30- HP model, for what would be its first installation in the Atlanta laundry and dry-cleaning market.

View within Majik Touch Cleaners' boiler room showing owner, Piyush Bhula, alongside close-up view of panel box on Fulton's VSRT-30.

Easiest Install and Best Service

The VSRT-30 was installed by Ben Prema with help from Kyle Petrie, Fulton Service Technician, and Mike McLean, Fulton Sales Manager.

“Ben started setting it up before Mike and Kyle came in, and Mike and Kyle came in the afternoon and helped set it up and were here all day,” said Piyush, adding, “I have never seen service as good as this with any other company. Set up time was just a few hours.”

Commented Ben Prema from Gulf States, “It was very easy to install through a 36” door. The new VSRT-30 boiler is smaller and installs easier than previous 30-HP boilers. It’s also easier to connect to the gas, electrical and steam output lines – they are all very easily accessible.”

I have never seen service as good as this with any other company.

Piyush Bhula

Smallest Footprint, Highest Efficiencies

Piyush purchased the VSRT-30 to replace a boiler that was larger in size though lesser in HP (20 HP). Because the VSRT-30 has a modulated 6:1 turndown ratio burner, it was able to meet Piyush’s actual (lower, as needed) steam demands throughout the day by automatically adjusting its air and gas intake. This resulted in Piyush saving $300 on his first monthly fuel bill even though his new boiler has greater HP capacity.

Said Piyush, “It’s a 30-HP machine, but doesn’t look like a 30 HP. It’s too small, which is great! It just doesn’t look like a boiler; it looks like a smart robot, like a dry cleaning machine with all of its relays and everything.

“And when Mike and Kyle were here and they tested, it was turning on at less than 15 HP, which is also great; it’s much more energy-efficient.”

Continued Piyush, “I track my utility bills from previous years and from month to month, and in the three short months that it’s been installed, it’s already shown a significant savings on utilities, not just on the gas but on electric as well in the way the boiler runs, maintains, idles, then the way it cuts off and turns back on. I would say that I am saving at least 20% on my utilities. So it’s paying me at this point.”

“The only problem, which is a good problem, is that it’s too quiet. I’m used to yelling over the noise of the [previous] boiler. In the past, when I didn’t hear that roaring sound, it meant the boiler was not on. So literally, for the first two weeks, I had to go to the back of my store to check to see if the boiler was running or not because it’s so quiet.”

Exceptionally Low Jacket Temps

“Here, where I am [in Georgia],” says Piyush, “my boiler room is inside, though typically you’d have your boiler room outside the building. And because it got so hot in the summer with my previous boiler, I used to put portable fans around it and the blower motors.

“But now with the Fulton VSRT, I would say it’s at least 35 degrees cooler than previous boilers. When it’s at full PSI, I can literally put my hands on the outside body of the VSRT boiler and not need to take them away, as the casing of the boiler is not too hot to touch as before.”

Shown above is one of Piyush's garment pressing machines that connects to the central steam supply provided by the VSRT-30.

Quicker and Better Steam at Lower PSI

“[The VSRT-30] Is able to make steam much faster; it takes half the time to end up at full PSI. Literally, I can run my dry-cleaning machines at 30 PSI because at 30 PSI it’s full steam, and it’s dry steam . . . very dry . . . I’m sure I will have a lot less issues with my traps because it’s so dry. Later, I operate at full pressure (100 PSI) with other equipment.”

“Before, when I’d turn my boiler on, it would take 45 minutes to get to full PSI. With the old boiler, at a higher set pressure, I barely had any usable steam for my plant; while the VSRT takes half the time to end up at full PSI, and even at 30 PSI with the VSRT you can start your steam collections.”

Said Ben Prema, “It’s a better boiler than a regular boiler, a competitor’s boiler, than any other boilers of its size.

“Compared to other boiler companies, it’s very easy to install. It automatically adjusts the air/gas mixture, produces less noise, takes up less room, produces faster steam. It’s more reliable. Longer lasting.”

Added Piyush, “[It’s] absolutely a better boiler than anything I’ve ever had . . . only good and nothing bad with it.”

Fulton Steam Solutions Inc.

Fulton Steam Solutions is part of The Fulton Companies, an American multi-national group of companies headquartered in Pulaski, NY. Backed by over 60 years of research, innovation and experience, Fulton designs and manufactures complex heat transfer equipment for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

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