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Fulton Boiler Works, Inc.

Fulton Boiler Works has been the leading U.S. manufacturer of vertical tubeless boilers. Since 1949, more than 100,000 boilers have been produced and installed world-wide.

Rugged, Robust and Reliable

Many Fulton boilers over 30 years of age are still in operation today. There are no tubes or coils to rust or burn out periodically, therefore, no retubing costs, no downtime. No downtime means increased productivity.

Every Fulton boiler is built and stamped to ASME Code and registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. Fulton boilers are UL listed boilers — not just the burner or electrical components — the entire boiler and they are CSA approved.

Environmentally Focused

Fulton’s Classic boilers have a time-proven design featuring a Flue Gas Enhancing system (FGE). A highly efficient two pass design, the FGE system works by using a massive heat transfer surface with high velocity flue gasses traveling over a cylindrical grid of heat convection fins.

Through controlled velocities these fins transmit additional heat evenly to the outer side of the water vessel, creating high efficiencies with lower stack temperatures.

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Fulton Boiler Works, Inc.