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Volcanic Heater, Inc.

Volcanic is a manufacturer of standard & custom thermal fluid heaters, Hopkins heaters, air pre-heaters & waste heat recovery units. Design services for tank heating includes in-tank heat exchanger coils, control valve sizing, piping, instrumentation selection & heating controls. Markets served include liquid terminal facilities, marine/barge heaters (in-land & off-shore) & industrial heaters. Aftermarket parts and services are also available.

On land and at sea…
Our heaters get around.

Established in 1912, Volcanic Heater, Inc. has been manufacturing industrial thermal fluid heater systems for over a century. Volcanic boasts three dedicated manufacturing facilities and a 24/7 service center to provide manufacturing, engineering, and service support for our customers.


Applications include:

  • Marine / Barge Applications (Inland & Off-Shore)
  • Liquid Terminal Facilities
  • Asphalt Heating
  • Industrial Heating Applications
  • Chemical Plants
  • Oil Recycling Facilities
  • Wood Processing Plants
  • Stamping Facilities
  • Natural Gas Processing

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Volcanic Heater, Inc.