Electronic Air-Fuel Ratio Combustion Control & O2 Compensation System

Inspired by advances in automotive and aviation, Flame-by-Wire™ technology replaces the use of conventional pneumatic (“neg-reg”) and mechanical linkage systems with a modern system of independently controlled electronic air and gas valves. It is easier to service and tune by empowering technicians to accurately dial-in positions electronically. Integrated O2 Compensation autonomously tunes the air-fuel ratio to adjust for changes in seasonality, maximizing combustion efficiency.

  • Dramatically improves the ease of boiler commissioning and maintenance
  • Maximizes boiler up-time reliability
  • Saves fuel, reducing emissions and lowering energy bills

Benefits over Neg-Reg and Linkage:

Estimated fuel savings of up to 8% compared to conventional air/fuel ratio controls.
Precise combustion ratio control that doesn’t drift off-course.
Superior flame stability; exceptionally tolerant of varying conditions with fewer site callbacks.
Provides technicians significantly more flexibility in configuring the combustion curve.
Less sensitive to pressure effects from wind, room pressure and flue draft.
10 combustion points (including discrete ignition) compared to conventional 2-point linear controls.

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