Engineering a Sustainable Future

Fulton’s philosophy of continual investment in innovative heat transfer solutions has resulted in numerous industry firsts and has reduced emissions, carbon footprint, and the environmental impact of our steam boilers, condensing hydronic boilers, and thermal fluid heaters.

Sustainability through Innovation

Industry-Leading Efficiencies

Since its founding in 1949 Fulton has been an industry leader in creating high efficiency, low emission, long lasting products that minimize environmental impact. Contact Fulton today to learn how our state-of-the-art products can help your business meet sustainability goals and reduce overall emissions.

Fulton's Global Product Family

Reduce CO2

Reducing CO2 Emissions

Around the globe, Fulton’s high-efficiency products reduce fossil fuel usage and lower CO2 emissions by thousands of tons annually as compared to standard efficiency equipment.

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Fulton's Flagship Products

Low NOx As Standard

Fulton has spearheaded low NOx burner development for decades, designing and building low emission burners for each of our core products. Today, all new product development at Fulton is low NOx as standard.

Fulton continues to invest heavily in the next generation of low emission technologies with flagship products like our VSRT Steam Boiler and ENDURA+ hydronic boiler.

Zero Emissions Products

Zero Emissions Products

Fulton offers a full range of boilers and thermal fluid heaters featuring zero on-site emissions.

Learn more about our Electric steam boilers and Electric thermal fluid heaters.

Reducing Waste with Rugged Designs and Long-Lasting Materials

Rugged, Robust, Reliable… Fulton has built a reputation for long-lasting equipment. Fulton boilers are built with materials far exceeding ASME code minimums and advanced analysis is used to ensure low-stress vessel designs. Fulton uses carefully selected high quality parts components. Our boilers reliably last more than 30 years, reducing resource use.

Green Space

Factory Programs

In addition to the eco-friendly product designs and features available to our customers, Fulton has several long-standing programs in place to further reduce our environmental impact at a corporate level.

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Steel, Paper, and Cardboard Recycling

Efficient Lighting Icon

High Efficiency Lighting Throughout Facilities

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Heat Recovery in Building HVAC

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Low VOC Manufacturing Paint Booths

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High Quality, Long Lasting Build Materials